Books I've read and some I've enjoyed -

Title Author WhenDescription
To hear a nightingale 10/02
The copper beech Maeve Binchy 10/02
The Scarlet Feather Maeve Binchy 10/02
Tara Road Maeve Binchy 11/02
Evening class Maeve Binchy 10/02
The lilac bus Maeve Binchy 10/02
The Princes of Ireland Edward Rutherfurd 00/03
Papa's Wife Thyra FerrÈ Bjorn 12/03 Stories of the Swedish Franzon family, Papa is a minister.
Dear Papa Thyra FerrÈ Bjorn 01/03 Stories of the Swedish Franzon family, Papa is a minister.
Virginie Maruice Denuziere 12/03 Civil war era. Great story but hard to find. 640 pgs in paperback. Story of the South (Louisiana). Some dry history, but much rich personal info
Bagatelle Maruice Denuziere 01/04 Pre-Civil War story set in Louisiana. Great!
Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog Paul Ogden 01/04 A fun yet educational story of a deaf person gaining additional independence, teaching and learning from his canine working companion.
Lake News Barbara Delinsky 01/04 A great story about news media gone right with a bit of romance and NE history...
Coast Road Barbara Delinsky 02/04 Set mostly in Big Sur. Great reading, could barely put it down.
Three Wishes Barbara Delinsky 02/04 Good love story set in Vermont. Heart-tugging is a word for it, don't read it if you are overly sentimental.
The Proud Breed Celeste De Blasis 03/04 A Three-Generational Saga of California. Loved it. Page turner if you like historical fiction.
Theirs Was The Kingdom R. F. Delderfield 03/04 2nd Volume of the saga of Adam Swann: his business, his family and country.
Give Us This Day R. F. Delderfield 03/04 Final volume of the saga of Adam Swann. Great historical fiction with family story intertwined.
God is an Englishman R. F. Delderfield 03/04 First volume of the saga of Adam Swann. Great historical fiction with family story intertwined.
Elaine the Fair Timothy Taylor 04/04 "Lusty rewrite of the Robin Hood legend" Couldn't put it down.
Green Rose of Furley Helen Corse Barney 04/04 Quaker tale of one family during the Civil War.
Jade - A Novel of China Patt Barr 04/04 Adventurous tale of two orphans in early china. Torn between UK and chinese sympathies. some erotica.
Forefathers Nancy Cato Great story of Australia and it's early inhabitants to current days.
The Camerons Robert Crichton England, Highlands, Miners. A very touching story of a miner's daughter. Loved it. I want more!!!
All Over the Town R. F. Delderfeld A great story about a small town after the war and the interpersonal going's on. Loved it. This author is great.
Saint Bruno's Abbey Phillipa Carr How old was this writer. ok story....
The Midwife Gay Courter 12/04 Interesting story of a Jewish Midwife and pogrom survivor set in Russia and NY
The War of the Flowers Tad Williaims 1/05 Gripping fantasy with mortals, fairies, sprites and other folk. Excellent!
Otherland Tad Williams 2/05 Gak. lots of pages, too much detail and jumping around, interesting near the end.
Under the Tuscan Sun 2/05 MMMM..... Wonderful, marvelous, tasty mind pics, and recipes. Thumbs Up! I'd love to move next door!
The World from Rough Stones Malcolm MacDonald 03/05 A must read. should be on every High school curriculum. Joyous, smart, full of life learning.Celebration of a smart women with Mathematical skills, romance, history
The Rich Are With You Always Malcolm MacDonald 03/05 See above. the 2nd in the story. very smart reading. Read between the lines.
Wild Grows the Heather in Devon Michael Phillips 04/05 I REALLY wanted to like this triliogy. Very Christian. Very... I got all three books and am giving up on book one. (I don't normally do this.) Way too wordy for me. Great for folks wanting to learn more about God as interpreted by Mr. Phillips's characters and some little twit named Amanda. Yawn.
Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey
Wallis: The Novel Anne Edwards 07/05 liked it, though it ended rather abruptly.
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants Ann Brashares 07/05 read it in a day. very fun. have requested the rest of the series from the library!
The Vineyard Barbara Delinsky 07/05 Very good ! Read it if you know any dysfunctional family members. Set in RI, from Pearl Harbor til today.
The Second Summer of the Sisterhood Ann Brashares 07/05 Another one day read, but very eloquent.
Paint The Wind Cathy Cash Spellman 07/05 FAT and Great reading!!! The West, the Apache, Mining, love and occult. LOVED it.
Dancing at the Rascal Fair Ivan Doig 08/05 Cool story of Early Montana and some Scotsmen that settled in and became sheep owners, with a bit of poetry and romance tucked in.
Girls In Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood Ann Brashares 08/05 Great! As usual
Keep In Touch: Letters, Notes and More from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Ann Brashares 08/05 good, but a blatant plug for the movie.
The Rim of the Prarie Bess Streeter Aldrich 10/05 Great! Set in Nebraska, romance and a bit of mystery
Katherine Wentworth D. E. Stevenson 10/05 mystery and romance in Scotland
The House On The Cliff D. E. Stevenson 12/05 mystery and romance in Devonshire
Cane River Lalita Tademy 12/05 epic novel of four generations of Afric-American women based on fact.
Daughter of Fortune Isabel Allende 12/05 From Chile to California, love and adventure 1843-1849