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Ultimate Knitting Magazine Patterns

I got tired of searching for patterns on-line, when I have all these magazines! These patterns have bondese!
Available at and, and other places, I'm sure...

Under construction, Will add other issues as I get time...


Volume 1 Issue 1- Spring/Summer 2002

Lacy Twin Set Pullover MK Both L/S
Lacy Twin Set Cardigan MK  
Mother's Lacy Cardigan MK  
Daughter's Lacy Cardigan MK  
Roses in Relief Table Scarf MK  
Pansy Rug MK  
Pansy Fancy Pillow MK  
Pansy Fancy Afghan MK  
Summer Meringue Throw MK  
Summer Meringue Pillow MK  
Child's Daisy Pullover MK L/S
Child's Super Summer Dress MK Strap Shoulders
Posy Purse MK  
Binky Baby Blanket MK Charity pattern
The Blues Camisole MK  
The Blues Skirt MK Thigh Length
Courtney's Shoulder Bag MK Fringed
Cell Phone Bag MK Fair Isle
Fair Isle and Plaid Cardigan MK  
Creating with Cording    
Filet Knitting    

Volume 1 Issue 2 - Fall 2002

City Poncho MK, HK Womens
City Skirt MK, HK Womens 36"-52" waist
Black, White & Fabulous
Ankle Length Sleeveless Hooded Vest
MK, HK Womens XS-XL
Black, White & Fabulous
Bell Sleeve Jewel-Neck Pullover
MK, HK Womens XS-XL
Black, White & Fabulous
Ankle Length Pull-on Straight Skirt
MK, HK Womens XS-XL
Pebbled Pullover MK, HK Womens Bell Slv XS-XL
Amish Knitted Quilt MK, HK Color block with solid borders
Amish Knitted Pillow MK, HK  
Shawl-Collared Cabled Cardigan MK, HK Mens
Crocheted Baby Bathrobe CR  
Baby Blues Blanket MK, HK  
Fall Flowers Cardigan MK, HK Chiilds 6-12
Colorblock Sweatshirt MK, HK Childs 2-12
Plaid Power Jacket MK, HK Womens Fair Isle and Intarsia
Falling Leaves Pullover MK, HK Womens s/m L/XL

Twin Set Alternative
Sleeveless Mock T

MK, HK Womens XS-XXL
Twin Set Alternative
Hooded Jacket
MK, HK Womens XS-XXL
Moroccan Magic Throw MK, HK  
Moroccan Magic Pillow MK, HK  
Knit-Hook Tote Bag MK, HK  
Wyr Knitter Green & Gold Beaded Drop Earrings    
Knit-Hooking For Hand And Machine MK, HK  
Edging Alternatives MK, HK  

Volume 1 Issue 3 (Winter 2003)- Holiday Winter 2002

Fur Collar MK, HK Attaches to purchased jacket
Fur on Fur MK, HK Dog Sweater with Fun Fur trim on collar and cuffs
Colorful Diamonds Scarf MK, HK  
Skinny Scarf MK, HK Striped
Chenille Scarf CR Vertical Stripes
Cable-Yolked Child's Pullover MK, HK  
Terrific Textures Man's Pullover MK, HK  
Girl's Dancewear Wrap Top MK, HK with fun fur trim
Leg Warmers MK, HK  
Woman's Abbreviated Jacket MK, HK No buttons!
Men's Ragg Pullover MK, HK Turtleneck - with Fair Isle Accents
Children's Ragg Pullover MK, HK with Fair Isle Accents
Children's Ragg Hat with ear flaps MK, HK with Fair Isle Accents
Across America Stocking MK, HK  
Felted Holly Berries Tree Skirt MK, HK  
Home for the Holidays Pullover MK, HK  
Bargello Couch Quilt MK, HK  
Chenille Lap Throw MK, HK  
Cable Front Mohair Jacket MK, HK Misses and Plus
Fur Coated Women's Wrap Coat (full length) MK, HK Bathrobe-Style wrap Coat with fur collar and cuffs
Misses and Plus
Granny Square Pillows MK, HK  
Bargello Knitting    

Volume 2 Issue 1 - Spring/Summer 2003

Dragonfly Cardigan MK, HK Womens (Cattails) up to 2X intarsia
Seasonless Tunic MK, HK Womens (Scalloped Edges)
Dots are Hot Cardigan MK, HK Womens (striped) XS-XL
Lite & Brite Cami MK, HK Womens Tank
Cool Camisole CR Young Womens
Garden Party Bear Dress & Hat MK, HK (CR) for stuffed Bears
Windowpane Afghan MK, HK "quilt look"
Linen Curtains MK, HK intarsia
Baby Blocks Afghan MK, HK intarsia
Baby Blocks Crib Pockets MK, HK  
Blu Jeans Baby Ensemble MK, HK Hat, Sweater and Blanket
Gathering of Leaves Cardigan MK, HK Womens S-4XL
String of Hearts Cardigan MK, HK Childs 2-10
Denim with a Twist Pullover MK, HK Young Womens Mini Cables
Yoga Mat MK, HK 30"x72"
Cabana Cover-up MK, HK Womens XS-2XL
Bountiful Beach Bag MK, HK  
Elongated Halter MK, HK Womens P-L
Star Struck Pullover MK, HK very low back.
Wired Knitting MK  
Hand Knitting with Wire HK  
Knitting with Beads MK, HK  

Volume 2 Issue 2 - Fall 2003

Icelandic Inspiration Pullover MK, HK Womens with flared sleeves XS-XL
Churro Cardigan MK, HK Mens Fair Isle S-XXL
Kids Cozy Icelandics MK, HK Childs 6-12
Icelandic Bear Sweater & Hat MK, HK  
Tweedy Textures Baby Set Tasselled Cap & sweater MK, HK Hat is HK only
Butterfly Brites Blanket MK, HK  
Trio of Scarves CR  
Winter Warmth Pullover MK, HK Womens P-XL
Winter Warmth Jacket MK, HK Womens P-XL
Cool Cabled Pullover MK, HK Womens P-2X
Cool Cabled Cowl MK, HK  
Cool Cabled Purse MK, HK  
Cables on the Bias Pullover MK, HK  
Cropped Under Vest MK, HK Womens S-XL
Oversized Over Vest MK, HK Womens S-XL
Edwardian Jacket MK, HK Womens S-XXL
Mod Tunic MK, HK Womens S-XL
Let's Swing Jacket MK, HK Womens S-XL
Let's Swing Mini-skirt MK, HK Womens S-XL
Table Elegance Runner MK, HK 36"x17"
Table Elegance Napkins MK, HK 14" square
Taos Throw MK, HK Drop Stitch Braid
Autumn Sky Tote MK, HK Cut and Sew
Autumn Vest MK, HK Cut and Sew
Icelandic Techniques (Round In Circles/Fair Isle)0 MK, HK  
Cut and Sew Knitting    

Volume 2 Issue 3 - Winter 2003-2004

Nordic Band Pullover MK, HK Men's, Fair Isle
Alpine Jacket MK, HK Women's, Fair Isle
Drop Stitch Braid Scarf MK, HK  
Fur Handbag MK, HK  
Fur Neck Wrap MK, HK  
Fair Isle Vest MK, HK Womens, Back is stripes
Seafarer Pullover MK, HK Men's
Morris Morocco Vest MK, HK Women's, I-cord, Intarsia/Fair Isle
Bird Steps Cardigan MK, HK Women's, Intarsia/Fair Isle
Fast & Fun Pullover MK, HK Women's
Crocheted Baby Blanket CR  
Felted Tote MK, HK  
Saqqara Afghan MK, HK  
Fur Bolero Jacket MK, HK  
Beaded Fringe Shawl MK, HK  
Tapestry Jacket CR  
Coat of Many Colors MK, HK  
Plaid Throw MK, HK  
Kid's Hooded Pullovers MK, HK  
Pom-Pom Neck Wrap MK, HK Child's
A Path to Plaids - Vertical Weaving    
Peg Frame Knitting    

Volume x Issue x - 200x




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