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Patterns, in no particular order. Some I found, some are from the Bond List
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Red Heart Yarns Home Page
Bond ISM Patterns & FAQs
Free Knitting Patterns For The Bond ISM
Parts and Patterns for the Ultimate Sweater Machine
Incredible Sweater Machine
Bond Club Online!
Knitting Today Great place for patterns, accessories...
Yarn to Machine Usage Information
Dr. Who stuff
South Bay Bond Knitting Machine Club Newsletter
Bond Knitting Machine Gauge Chart
What is a Garter Bar?
Free Knitting Patterns For The Bond ISM
The Bond Knitting Machine Information Page
Yahoo! Clubs incrediblesweatermachineclub
Machine Knitters Source Magazine
Knitting & Crochet
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Click here: Free Knitting Patterns For The Bond ISM
Click here: Christmas Ball Ornament
Click here: Steph's Home Page : Bond List Thoughts NEW
Knitware Design Home Page; Knitting pattern software; Sweaters; Critter Clothes
Machine Knitters Source Magazine
Machine Knitting Patterns And Information
Vintage Knitting Patterns
Tom's Textile Resources
Roz Porter
Steph's Home Page : Bond Pattern: Hooded Jacket :
Guide To Free Knitting Patterns
Avoca Handweavers - Shopping Online
Rayon Chenille Ruana - Elizabeth's
New knitter tips
Custom Longer Ruana
Welcome to THE WOOL BIN Online!
All Crafts for Charity
Cara's Knitting machine and craft patterns free pages
The Knitting Pages
Crew Neck Pullover

Adriafil Commerciale_Magazine [hand knitting yarn]

As CJ so eloquently put it:
Some pages need Java Script enabled in order to see them. Some load slowly. Some use Active X, which can only be seen with IE.
Netscape users will get a blank page. Be sure to always check out the links on each page, as they may have more pattern sites listed. --- scroll down to find stitches and charts. Site loads slowly if you are on a phone modem. -- use Free Pattern link at top of page. -- click on Free Patterns. -- great graphs -- long list of links. Use the alphabet at the bottom of the page to find more sites -- click on Free Online Tutorials -- use links at top of page. also has links for other years. -- scroll down to Projects -- scroll down to The Studio for patterns. Also has patterns for sale. -- look for Free Things on the left had side. -- look for Free Pattern Links in the middle top of the page. -- pick what you want to look at. Use the links. -- click on New Site. Free Patterns are at the top of the page. You have to get this ONE pattern via snail mail, tho. -- look for Free Patterns half way down the page. Lots of patterns here.;action=index -- Free Pattern knitting ring. Some broken links. -- scroll down. -- Santa chart for sweaters.
-- pick your craft for patterns.
-- Pick which area you want to visit. It'll be in the center of the page.
-- follow the directions to get into the site.
-- pick which pattern you want to look at.
-- scroll down to find Knitting. She has patterns listed.
-- look on the left side [very tiny print] to find Free Patterns.
-- patterns listed on the right side.
-- huge list of patterns sent in by members in 1999. Most would be suitable for the Bond. -- If you want to look at different craft patterns, use the links on the left side of the page. -- scroll down, on the left side at the bottom is a link for free patterns. Be sure to check the 'More Pages' links on the right side, in green. -- scroll down and look for the different pattern links. -- free sock patterns. -- scroll down for free patterns. Look for the Chunky ones for use with the Bond. -- scroll down to Create a Sweater. -- use the page links to get to the free patterns. list of pattern links. -- free pattern link on the left. You will probably get a window to pop up asking who you are. Just click cancel unless you want to become a member. -- sideways dolman sweater -- hand knit site but some great old patterns. There are instructions on the net on how to convert hand knit to machine knit. If I find the link, I'll add it. -- couple of Bond patterns. -- must-have list of Bond info, includes patterns towards bottom of page. -- use the arrows to navigate, or use the page links at the bottom of the page. Most are hand knit but can be converted. Can be kind of confusing to navigate, but when you click on a pattern link, it'll take you to a photo. You use the page arrow at the top of the page above the photo to get to the pattern. You can either print it out right there or use the pdf format to save to your hard disk.
Free Machine Knitting Patterns And Information
Cold-Weather Lapel Pin
Knit Project of the Month­Knit Pineapple Afghan
Knitting Stitches
2-color knitting with the garter carriage
SidewaysKnittedShrug Heidi's Knitting Room
March 99 Knit Project

These may need cleaning up...

Machine knit socks:

From: "K2P2SSK" To: "Bond List" Subject: [BOND] links to sock patterns and tips Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004
Kitchner tutorial:
MK slipper socks: pocketbook slippers Machknit site with sock pattern links passap toe turn circular socks tips and tutorial the famous Roz Porter site with great tutorial for flat mk socks & click on Beginner's Baby Sock bulky Machine Knit Fixation Socks Knitting heels: (good info on doing heels)


Heidi_Ihlenfeldt's Bookmarks on
BROTHER Knitting Machines-Gallery
Knitware Design Home Page; Knitting pattern software; Sweaters; Critter Clothes
Allexperts Fine Arts--Knitting & Crocheting Q&A
Wool Works: the online knitting compendium
Steph Thornton Crafts
Crochet Musings Web Site Home Page
Collected Wisdom from bond-l
Free Knitting Patterns - Machine Knit
Bond ISM Patterns & FAQs
Incredible Sweater Machine
RockSprings Farm and Fiber
Bond ISM
The Knitting Companion :
Knitting at Patternworks
The Free Knitting Patterns Web Ring
Wool Works links: Machine knitting
Links to BOND Machine Knitting Homepages
Free Patterns
French Beret
Mary Maxim
Ultimate Sweater Knitting Machine by Bond America
Coats Patons
KnitNet Cover
Easy and Cheap ...Crafts!
The Frugal Knitting Haus' Home Page
Tom's Textile Resources
Colleen's Knitting Notes
Yesterknits - The Largest Collection Of Patterns In The World
Esther's Knitting Page
Yarns and . . .
Yarns, Patterns and Books
Welcome to the Knitting Universe
A Knit Knack Shop Welcome to You!
Adriafil Commerciale-Magazine [hand knitting yarn]
Adriafil Commerciale_Magazine [hand knitting yarn]
Knitting with Borealis Sweaterscapes
Yarn Forward for Knitting, Crochet, Patterns, and Needlework Supplies.
mach. knit tips
Clearwater Knits knitting machine patterns and information
Graphic Knitting Patterns by Grace Ennis
Maggie's Rags Knitting Tips - Finger Knitting
Colleen's Studio
The Ahrens Family Home Page
Free crochet instruction.
Handmade Sweaters by Nadia for the Cardigan Bay Label
Brother U.S.A. Index: Home Sewing Machines/Knitting Machines
Directory - Knitting and Crochet
Knitware Design Favourite Links; Knitting pattern software
Converting Hand Knitting Stitches to Machine Knitting
Staceyjoy's Knitting Stitch Portfolio
Knitted Threads - Free Machine Knit Patterns, Child's Slip Stitch Sweater
Tips & Techniques for ISM/Bond Intarsia Knitting
Machine Knitting Links
The Busy Person's Guide to Machine Knitting
Machine Knitting
Cara's Knitting machine and craft patterns free pages

Deirdre's Knitting Machine Page
HREF=" //w ww rd en/hobbies_and_crafts/knitting/subjects/sub969830897377.htm&endSection=Free% 20 Knitting%20Patterns%20(machine%20knitting)">BellaOnline HREF="*http://www.bellaonl in tm ">BellaOnline: knitting Fenchurch's World of Cavies and Machine Knitting
Yarn and Knitting Products -
NetRing: Free Knitting Patterns Netring
Welcome To Kidoodles
Linda's Craftique
Lisa Souza Knitwear
Discount Yarns at YarnXpress
AranPaint Downloads

The Knitting Pages
Free Web Generated Knitting Patterns from The Knitting Fiend.
Carlin's Knitting Page
Grandma T's
Woman's Day Magazine | Crafts
Crazy Cat Knitting Co.
Home - Artfibers Fashion Knitting Yarns, Patterns, and Kits - Log On and Cast On!
The Yarn Barn
Welcome to Bernat
Marilee's Crafts Links
Herrschners - The Needlecraft Shop That Never Closes
"H" is for 'How To" with Wire
Mary's Craft Corner - Sites with free patterns
Common Threads Fiber Art Store
Yahoo! GeoCities - Your Home on the Web®

Knitting, Yarn, Crochet and more at Velona Needlecraft
Your Machine-Knit Resource
Susanne Glass - Machine Knitting
Velona Needlecraft Disney Fun Knits
Education and the Knitting Guild of America
k2mills : Gallery
BVC CD-ROM Ordering Info
Sugar' n Cream
c heryl8 : Gallery
8 Minute Chistmas Stocking
Dollar Yarns
Welcome to Aunt Mary's Yarns
Harry Potter Scarves @ Kool Knitting! Custom Hats & Scarves
Pie Crust and Other Trims
Heidi's Knitting Room
View MK Connections
Better Homes & Gardens Online
Bond Knitting List Links
Cardiknits Inc.
Bond Knitting List Links
Machine Knit Hat.
FREE Sewing Lessons @ Sew-What'!
The Pittsburgh Bonders Home
Christmas at Sea Program's Seaman's Scarf
Free Knitting Pattern: Wizard Scarf #1
1999 Knitlist Gift Exchange
Heraldic Lion Sweater Pattern
Witch On A Broomstick Knitting Motif
Free Knitting Patterns: Beagle Motif - Fabric, Crafts, Home.
pollywogs Showcase
We'll Keep You In Stitches
Lace-edged Seamen's Scarf
Nieuwe pagina 2
Meli's Yarn Parlor
needle-witted woman
Herrschners - The Needlecraft Shop That Never Closes
Knitting Machine-Cone-Ball-Yarns
Yeoman Cashmilon
TGFA: Free knitting patterns
Christmas Ball Ornament
Common Threads Fiber Art Store
Easy Crochet & Knit Patterns For Beginners
Machine knit whovian scarf
Knit Project of the Month­Knit Pineapple Afghan
Getting Started: Making a Blanket
Free Knitting Pattern: Moose Hat Home Page
Craft patterns available from, including clothes for Beanie Bab
Heidi's Knitting Room
Her aldic Lion from The New Carolingian Modelbook, Plate 38:3
Bond Knitting List Links
AranPaint Home
Gina Ahren's socks
Patronenpagina 3
REGIA Yarn at Apple Hollow
BellaOnline: knitting
Collected Wisdom from bond-l
Free Knitting Patterns: Colour Charts
Knitting Techniques
Warming Families Project ~ Warming the Homeless Families of the World One Warm
Barkas Farm Handspinning Knitting Weaving Supplies Patterns Yarn
Mohair Cardigan with Ribbon Trim (Bond ISM)
Bond Toasty Toes
White/Superba/Singer MK Page
Index of /Images
Roz Porter
Free Patterns fro Precious Knits
Knitted Threads - Free Crochet Patterns - Laura's Beaded Scrunchie
Jan, The Village Weaver
Double Jacquard Mug Rug Pattern - Distinctive Knits
Free Knitting Pattern - Pet's Christmas Stocking from BackToBack Knits
Pattern #12: The Simple Shrug
>Steph's Home Page : Bond List Thoughts
Pattern Index
Offsite Patterns
Stephanie's Studio & Yarn
Little Sock Doll
Knit to Crochet Conversion
Ship project
Tree skirt
Roni Knutson's Studio/Silver Reed Home Page
Wool Works knitting patterns: dolls and doll clothes
View Ads
Bond Patterns
Staceyjoy's Knitting Stitch Portfolio
1997-98 Machine Knitter's Resource Guide - Repair Services
Machine Knitting Homepage Links
Ebay( machine knitting )
Welcome to
Variegated Yarns
Home - Artfibers Fashion Knitting Yarns, Patterns, and Kits
Free Charts of
Knitting Yarn at Irresistible Prices @
Nieuwe pagina 2
Punchcard1_2 Kar-Mar Enterprise: Knitting Supplies, Including Juki Knitting Machine Parts
Sock Lesson from Jennie
Studio LK150
Bond Yarn Guide
Lesson 1 Threading the Machine on Knitters Edge
The Pittsburgh Bonders Home
MK Toasty Toes
Order Form: Frame Set
Machine Knit Slipper Pattern #1, Romeo Style
Studio Knitting Machines Canada parts_ list.htm
Used Pattern Books
Education and the Knitting Guild of America
Home Page
Free Patterns
Knitted Threads - Home Page
The Busy Person's Guide to Machine Knitting
Machine Knitting Links from BackToBack Knits
Adele's Machine Knitting
Recent Projects
My Bond Page
Aunt Alm's Dorm Boots
Learning to create charts
EyreCraft index Page
Yahoo! Clubs hobbymachineknitalong
Vivianne's Machine Knitting Pages
Elaine's Knitting Page
Wool Works: free knitting patterns
Colleen's Knitting Notes
Charlene's Machine Knitting Links & Free Patterns
The Ahrens Family Home Page
Tips & Techniques for ISM/Bond Intarsia Knitting
KC Knitter's home page
Knitting Patterns
Mock Cable Afghan
Machine Knitting
March 99 Knit Project
Knitted Llama Fibre
Little Wizards Scarves @ Kool Knitting! Custom Hats & Scarves
Knit Head Band.
Read the Knit-Talk Board of The Knitting Discussion Group
Eileen Montgomery
Videos for Machine Knitters
Junebug's Place
Clearwater Knits home page
Powell's Books - Used, New, and Out of Print
Pacific Northwest Bonders
Links Knitting
Tubular Cast On
Crochet Twisted Fringe
sockinstructions (~~~Knitting Club) (~~~Club) this is where the Bond members
can swap & sell patterns, books, machines, etc.

Supplies -

Mountainspun in Vermont - shetland sheep, louet wheels, exotic organic fibers for spinning, handspun artesian yarns, VT maple triangle looms, private fiber arts instruction, organic lamb, breeding trios. whitingham vt
Welcome to Himalaya Yarn








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