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A bit older now, but also a bit wiser, I hope. I have been interested in web publishing since 1993 ( was involved in FIDO back in the 80's, yikes), with my own website in 1996. It does not get the care it should because of all my other interests....
Dogs, knitting, weaving, dog cookies, cooking in general, crafts, ebay, gardening, and.... well, incrementing daily.

I moved to Amity, Oregon in 2003 to start a new life away from the Sillycon Vally StartUp mentality. Air is much nicer here.

My Philosoply: Customer Service is in my background, the key is to enable the customer to do what they need to do with the minimum of fuss.

My Contact Info:
AOL: woodsnwind
Yahoo: terryd8959
Linked in:

My resume is here...

Client list:
Maintained, but not designed:

Power Paws Agility
Precious Paws Rescue and Adoption

Designed, and a Work In Progress:

Hiler Iron Works
Sierra Vista Executive Suites
Cyrus Construction




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