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Currently rates for web site maintenance are $30 USD per hour*. This does not include our communications about your web site. Those are at no cost. 1 Hour Minimum.

I prefer to work with the folks at westhost.com for hosting. but you may have other ideas. I am currently seeking other hosting sites that offer good pricing, performance and reliability.
Some I can recommend are meer.net(+), bluehost.com(~)

I generally work by timer based billing; that means you only pay for the time I spend on your site, 1 hour minimum for short term clients. I can facilitate a domain transfer if needful, email transfer and really, all the hard stuff.

You need to provide me with info, colors, content, pictures.
I have an upload site if you need to send me photos or docs over the web. See HERE for what I really need to help you.

You don't pay for me learning something new. The timer is off If I am researching something new for your site.
Time spent report may not reflect actual time invoiced, which means you don't get invoiced for all of the time I spend trying to build you a nice web site.

pricing includes extras
Basic site using your web site host design tool Whatever your current hosting site offers.
$400 from scratch
6 page SIMPLE web site setup
  • Home Page
  • Photos Page, lite (12 pcs)
  • About Us
  • Simple Request Form
  • Services
  • Contact - Map link

Includes: keywords, free aboutus.org, google and yahoo search engine submissions, up to 10 size only edited pics, favicon, statcounter, 1st backup cd+ documentation upon payment.

$500 from scratch
includes simple web album, up to 24 Pics, size only editing of pics
$56 + fees domain or ISP transfer *** Move from one registrar/host to another, preferably westhost.com
TBD Custom Contact me. - Negotiable
Most sites actially are in this range, since changes are made on a hourly/daily basis as the site develops. Depends on your needs and preferences. Let's discuss in advance.
$30/hour maintenance or addl. requested features When you already have a web site built by me or someone else and need changes made to it.

*** these can be tricky, costly, or next to impossible if you don't remember any of your any original login and password info, in that case it may cost a bit more or you may want to choose a new domain name,


I can do things like:

  • edit your pictures to prepare them for viewing
  • QuickTime movies
  • zeemaps to show where visitors come from
  • add a Gallery that you can manage if you want,
    or even send pictures to from your Nokia cell phone.
  • Google Adsense
  • collateral via cafepress.com
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Guestbook or message board (PHPBB )
  • blog
  • sitemap
  • Google map
  • PayPal links
  • shopping cart (zen-cart currently under investigation)
  • backup CD or DVD and login info data is standard

or anything else you might want, based on my skill level.

I will NOT do any site with adult only or offensive content, so don't even ask..

Disclaimer: If it's snowing here, I may have trouble connecting. The squirrels chew the phone lines and there ain't no thang like CABLE or DSL in these parts. Just a warning.


**discount or free for proven non- profits
*previous client rates may differ
paypal accepted.
add 2.9% to your invoiced fee.

Pricing as of 09/07 subject to change.

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